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With the services of a professional tour consultant, you can be certain that your Kenyan safari will be a phenomenal experience. Homejoy Safari Adventures make this a possibility for you. Reach out to us today. :)

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We answer all your Safari questions.
1. Ask any questions as you plan for your trip.
2. We help you understand your destination best, & clarify things worth your attention.
3. Do not start your Safari while unsure of anything: Just ask Us!
We support you during your Safari.
1. We help you enjoy your Safari maximumly. 
2. If you face any challenges during your trip, reach out & we shall support best we can.
3. Need some information that may help during your stay in Kenya; reach out.
Need to make your Safari memorable?

1. Do not miss out on great tour opportunities.
2. While in Kenya, there is more than your hotel stay, we help you explore other viable options.
3. You may wish to do other activities for fun like environmental contribution, let us know.
kenyan safari packages consultation

Pre-Trip Consultation

Starts from $60 | Kes 6000/-


affordable safari booking services

Bookings & Reservations

Affordable {$ | Kes}


Have a Lovely sight on hills

Post-Safari Services

Starts from $150 | Kes 15,000/-


Our service fees and recommended package rates are dependent on your tour needs, itinerary & details and we quote correctly after obtaining the right information from you. You just submit the details HERE and we get started. We are affordable and also you are able to get customized safari & tour packages that best suit your goals. With the right information, from the pre-trip consultation, you make a better decision too

kenya safari consultancy servicesTour consultants like us play a crucial role in the Kenya Safaris & travel industry, offering their expertise and services to individuals and groups looking to plan memorable and well-organized trips. As professionals, we are knowledgeable about various destinations, travel options, accommodations, activities, and local attractions. By working closely with clients to understand their preferences, interests, and budgetary constraints we are able to create customized safari itineraries that meet customer-specific needs.

The primary goal of a tour consultant is to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that clients have a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. As such, we leverage our extensive knowledge and industry connections to offer expert advice, guidance, and recommendations on destinations, attractions, and logistical considerations. Whether it's a family vacation, a romantic getaway, a group tour, or a solo adventure, tour advisors for Kenya Safaris have the expertise to curate unique and tailored experiences.

Our Main Consultancy Services for Kenyan Safaris & Tours:

Consultation and Information Gathering:

When as a client you approach Homejoy Safari Adventures, our consultancy begins by gathering information about your travel preferences, budget, destination preferences, and any specific requirements or interests that you may have. This initial consultation helps us understand your needs and expectations. You are supposed to fill out this consultation form and then wait on our response and invoice with how we serve, the costs, terms & conditions, and the type of report & recommendations that suit your inquiry.

NB: For pre-trip consultation services that do not need our booking input, we charge a service fee starting at $60 or Kes 6,000/- upwards depending on the nature & extent of your inquiry

Destination Research and Planning:

Based on the client's preferences, we conduct extensive research on various destinations, including tourist attractions, accommodations, transportation options, and local customs. We gather information on the best time to visit, basic travel requirements, health and safety advisories, and other relevant details. We are able to send you a comprehensive tour report with recommendations & custom advisory details for your review. Some of the information we may share could be free but a detailed response or report will need a pre-trip consultation services fee cited above.

Post-Tour Assistance & Community Outreach Services:

Travelers may have specific requirements after their tour, such as extending their stay, arranging transportation to the airport, or booking additional activities. We can provide guidance and assistance to ensure a seamless transition. We can also assist with any unexpected issues that may arise, ensuring that travelers have peace of mind even after the tour has concluded.  Some travelers seek to engage in educational initiatives during their safari, community outreach, environmental conservation programs like tree planting, etc; in such cases, well-planned Kenya Safaris can offer options and leads to the available opportunities and all the necessary support to follow upon such long term activities that may need follow up or retained contacts and some ground representation even after the safari.

Other Tour Consultation Services

  • Itinerary Creation:

Using the gathered information, our consultancy creates customized itineraries for clients, suggesting specific activities, attractions, and accommodations that align with your preferences and budget. The itinerary may include local flights, ground transportation, hotel bookings, tours, and other services.

  • Booking and Reservation:

Once the client approves the proposed itinerary, we proceed with making reservations and bookings for local flights, hotels, rental cars, tours, and any other necessary services. We liaise with various travel suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, and local tour operators, to secure the required arrangements.

  • Financial Transactions:

Homejoy Safari Adventures advises on the necessary financial transactions on behalf of clients by providing the details of the required payments, and mode of payment for the services depending on the respective customer package, travel services, and processing transactions with suppliers. We could also provide advice on travel insurance options and assist with insurance-related claims, if necessary.

  • Travel Support and Assistance:

Throughout the travel process, our consultancy services are available to provide support and assistance to clients. We offer guidance on travel logistics, address any concerns or issues that may arise during the trip, and provide alternative solutions if unexpected circumstances occur.

  • Continual Professional Development:

With access to the finest Kenya Safaris tour guides, your can stay updated on the latest travel trends, destinations, and industry regulations through ongoing training and professional development. This is valuable information and knowledge wealth that can be tapped from. We attend workshops, seminars, and industry events to enhance our knowledge and skills. 

By leveraging our knowledge, experience, and industry connections, as Kenya Safaris and trips consultants, we take the stress out of travel planning and help clients make the most of their trips. Our personalized approach ensures that every aspect of the journey is carefully curated, allowing travelers to relax and focus on creating lasting memories. Choosing a reputable safari tour consultant is crucial when planning an adventure in Kenya's wilderness. A knowledgeable and trustworthy consultant can enhance your safari experience by providing expert advice, personalized itineraries, and seamless logistics. To help you make an informed decision, choose reliable Kenya Safaris guides and secure support that will only make your stay better, more satisfying, and most adventurous.

Get information on time
We help you plan your Kenyan tour or safari soundly by providing you with all the necessary insight that you need to have memorable Kenya Safaris or trips.
A place to learn new things about wilderness
Sometimes your Kenya safari package may be limited to some activities or options; with Homejoy Safari Adventures, we listen to your wish list and advise exhaustively.
What you need for a safe tour experience
We are committed to helping make sure your experience & stay in Kenya on a family touror alone is safe without limiting anything from fun to an adventurous safari.
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