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Post-Safari Services

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Our service fees and recommended package rates are dependent on your tour needs, itinerary & details and we quote correctly after obtaining the right information from you. You just submit the details HERE and we get started. We are affordable and also you are able to get customized safari & tour packages that best suit your goals. With the right information, from the pre-trip consultation, you make a better decision too

Kenyan Safari Inquiries - Fill this Consultation Form

It's worth noting that with advancements in technology, many tour consultants now operate through online platforms, offering virtual consultations and utilizing online booking systems. However, the core responsibilities and processes involved in their work remain similar. 

Indeed, Homejoy Safari Adventures works by leveraging its expertise and local knowledge to create personalized Kenya Safaris and tour experiences, handling all the logistical details to ensure a memorable and enjoyable adventure in Kenya.

Kindly fill out the form below & provide us with the required details...

1. The information will help us understand what your specific tour preferences & safari goals are.

2. With the information we will be able to recommend the best options and send you itinerary recommendations and customized trip propositions.

NB: Our Services are very affordable and upon your inquiry, we shall respond to seek more clarity BUT if your information is sufficient, we shall send you an invoice for the needed service(s): You can also WhatsApp With US, Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but filling out this form gives us crucial information that helps us serve you better.

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how kenya safaris workA tour consultant typically provides services related to organizing and planning tours and travel experiences for individuals or groups. Homejoy Safari Adventures specializes in pre-trip consultations, support with arranging customized safaris and other travel experiences in Kenya, and even post-travel services.

As Kenya Safaris tour consultants, we work by providing comprehensive services to individuals or groups interested in exploring Kenya's wildlife, nature, and cultural experiences. Here's a general overview of how we operate:

  1. Consultation: It starts with understanding the specific needs, preferences, and budget of the clients. We use the online form above to gather information about the desired Kenya safari experience.
  2. Itinerary Planning: Based on the client's requirements submitted in the form above, we design a customized itinerary that includes the destinations, attractions, activities, and duration of the safari tour. We take into account factors like wildlife migrations, weather conditions, and local events to optimize the experience.
  3. Accommodation and Transportation: Kenya Safaris tour consultation services recommend accommodation options, ranging from luxury lodges and tented camps to budget-friendly lodgings, depending on the client's preferences and budget. We can also help organize transportation, including airport transfers, domestic flights, or ground transportation using safari vehicles.
  4. Safari Activities: Homejoy Safari Adventures assists in selecting and arranging various Kenyan safari activities, such as game drives, guided nature walks, bird watching, cultural visits to local tribes, hot air balloon rides, and visits to national parks and reserves like Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, and more.
  5. Client Support: Throughout the safari, we maintain open communication with clients, offering support and assistance whenever required. They address any concerns, provide updates, and help make adjustments to the itinerary if needed.
  6. Post-Safari Services: After the Kenya safari, out tour advisors always seek feedback from clients to improve their services. They may also provide additional assistance, such as arranging onward travel, extending the trip, or recommending other tourist destinations in Kenya. Also if you need any ground contact or support after leaving the country, we are your professional contact
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